Saturday, February 6, 2010

It a very sad fing to know ur mommy gonna go out for evening. She think she keepin a secret, but she ain't. Smart doggies know dees fings. She gonna be gone for long time.

My two dog sisfurs and three cat siblings might just sit and cry all night...but why? It just snuff up ur nose. No, I thinks I gonna invite anipals come over and have wild party at my house. We get lots a hooch and bacon beer and play loud music and shoot poop bombs.

Yeah. I can't wait til she leave.

I attemptin' to start my blog on Blogger or on Yahoo or on both...whichever is easier for a dog.

We gots to keep in mind that black labs not on listy of most intelligent dogs, so u gots to give me a little break, here.

Whichever blog lets da dumb black labs do it, dat one is fer me. After all, I may nots be real smart, but I is VERY BOO-TI-FUL! And I gots lots of energy...'cept right after I eats.

So, dis is my Blogger bloggy. HI, ANIPALS!!!!