Monday, April 19, 2010

World Trip for Ayla

I been invited to go on a wonderful trip around the world. Of course, it is virtual. Dis is da info I need to send:
anipal name, breed
twitter name
name of town,state, country
any info about your town or area

**** Deadline MAY 27, 2010 ****
then I can put the trip together so we all can enjoy it!!

If you really would prefer to keep your location private, but would like to be on the trip, just include a picture of you and your house, or your favorite place you like to walk or play, or you in a nearby location.

I can do the resizing and cropping of pictures if you need help with that.

Please DM me at @kyba or
email me at (you can just click here) with your pictures and stories to be included in the trip.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Getting Ready for Area 51 Pawty

I am so excited. We anipals are converging on Area 51 in Nevada where we will overwhelm military authorities and release their alien prisoner.

Sound like a familiar plotline?

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Anipals and Earthquakes

Today is April 6, 2010. There just been a 7.8 magnitude earthquake in Sumatra, Indonesia. Mommy knows more 'bout that stuff than me. I know that us anipals sense when those bad things is gonna happen and we heads for da hills...if we can. If we can't, we barks and barks and barks; or meow, I guess.

One of da signs a earthquake is comin' is da neighborhood doggies keeps barkin' non-stop. Den boom, shake-shake-shake, shake-your-boody!

I lives in Northwest Arkansas. We is on da other side of Arkansas from the New Madrid Fault, but we gonna shake a lot if there a major quake there. Probably, there be little cracks in houses, and power and water stop.

We gonna get hungry and firsty if our hoomans don't plan ahead. My mommy gots lots of bottles of water, but she been drinkin' it so we gots to buy more. Also, she need to get more canned food to put away for her and us doggies and da kitties.

Duz u live near earthquakes? What plans have your hoomans made? Give em a little nip in da but and tell em to stock up on water and groceries.